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6 Reasons we LOVE Balance Bikes

Balance bikes offer a great introduction to bike riding for little ones, there are many benefits to starting out on one. We have picked our top 6, what are yours?

Learn Balance

Balance bikes are designed to help children develop their balance and coordination skills at an early age. By eliminating the need for stabilisers, children can focus on learning how to balance their bodies on two wheels, which is a fundamental skill needed for riding a regular bicycle.


Build Confidence

Using a balance bike allows children to gradually gain confidence in their riding abilities. They can start by walking or running with the bike and eventually progress to lifting their feet off the ground and gliding. This step-by-step approach helps children feel more comfortable and in control, boosting their self-assurance.


Transition to Pedal Bikes

Since balance bikes teach children the essential skill of balancing, the transition to pedal bikes becomes smoother and easier. They already understand the concept of balance, so once they are ready for a pedal bike, they only need to focus on pedaling and steering.



Balance bikes are generally lower to the ground than traditional bikes, which reduces the risk of injury from falls. Additionally, children can easily control their speed and stop by using their feet, providing them with a sense of security and allowing them to learn at their own pace.


Active Play

Riding a balance bike encourages children to be active and spend time outdoors. It promotes physical exercise, improves motor skills, and helps develop muscle strength and coordination.


Quality parent bonding

Teaching your children new skills is immensely rewarding (once they get the hang of it). Balance bikes make the process of learning to ride so much smoother and less stressful than a typical bike.

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