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Carry Bag

Carry Bag

SKU: BF.002

The Be Fun carry bag lets you take your bike anywhere. With the large carry strap and sealed zip, you can easily carry or store the bike when not in use. 

    8 reasons you need one

    our balance bike is the best and we want to tell you why


    Smart fold 

    single action - go anywhere - Easy storage  

    folding balance bike button


    Small car friendly 

    Fits all boots - staycation bestie - stay onboard  

    Balance bike folded in boot of small car fiat 500


    grow together

    age range: walking to 5 years - no tools needed quick switch 

    balance bike growing getting bigger


    ultimate control

    agile steering  - navigate your way - twin bearing 

    handle bars balance bike rotate


    ergonomic grip

    balance bike handle bar grip protection soft touch

     easy clean - soft touch - protective end 


    max comfort

    comfort saddle - easy adjust - grows with rider 

    comfort saddle balance bike adjust height


    puncture proof

    Ultimate ride - premium bearings - super grip 

    puncture proof tyres premium engineered bearings smooth ride


    No tools needed

    easy build - quick adjust - zero hassle 

    easy assemble no tools needed balance bike
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