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Everglade Grey

Everglade Grey

£99.99 Regular Price
£89.99Sale Price



Including free travel bag (RRP £20)


Make learning to ride fun with our unique lightweight balance bike.


The smart fold system means you can take the bike anywhere, fitting in the smallest of car boots, in the basket of most pushchairs and even in its own carry bag. You no longer have to stuggle carrying a bulky heavy bike when the little ones have run out of steam.


The light frame means your child will glide and balance in no time, making the transition to pedals without the need for stabilisers easy. Whilst lightweight, the bike is also extremely strudy, made from a mix of Aluminium and plastic composites, meaning no rust.


12" inch wheels, puncture proof all terrain tyres and best in class premium wheel bearings make for effortless, smooth riding.


Age range: Approx 2 to 5 yrs

Saddle height: 35 to 40 cm

Handle Bar Height: 54 to 57cm


    Smart Fold – Our unique patented folding system is a game-changer, making teaching your little one to ride stress free.


    Grows with your Child – Our little ones grow too quickly, however our bike can too, no tools required! With our easy adjustable handle bars and saddle you can ensure the bike grows together with your child, offering the best fit at all stages. 


    Premium Quality – Built to last - Using a core aluminium frame, alongside precision engineered wheel bearings and PV+eva puncture proof tyres. The Be Fun One rolls effortlessly, whilst being able to cope with the expected wear and tear your little one will put it through. 


    No Tools Needed – Straight out the box, your little one can be riding in seconds. The bike comes in 3 main parts, the main frame, handle bars and the saddle. All can be assembled in the time it has taken you to read this paragraph. 


    Stylish - Colour matched components together with black durable core colourway.


    Ergonomic Design - The geometry of the Be Fun One has been designed with little bodies in mind, making getting on and off the bike a doddle. The shape of the saddle is optimised for maximum comfort and manoeuvrability.


    Ultimate Control - Contoured handle grips designed to fit little hands, offering the best anti slip grip for every bend. Made from premium soft TPR material, easy clean. Enlarged bar ends designed to protect in case of any crashes.


    Carry Bag - Keep your Be Fun One with you at all times, safe and protection in our shoulder carry bag, with zip to keep the bike safe when stored.


    Handle bar heights from floor - 54 to 57cm

    Saddle height from floor - 35 to 40cm  

    Dimensions unfolded - L90cm x H54cm x W35cm

    Product weight 3.7kg 

    Shipping weight 5kg

    Box Size - 48cm x 18cm x 48cm


    An email will be sent with full tracking information ahead of shipment. Charges may apply to make changes to delivery address information. 

8 reasons you need one

our balance bike is the best and we want to tell you why


Smart fold 

single action - go anywhere - Easy storage  

folding balance bike button


Small car friendly 

Fits all boots - staycation bestie - stay onboard  

Balance bike folded in boot of small car fiat 500


grow together

age range: walking to 5 years - no tools needed quick switch 

balance bike growing getting bigger


ultimate control

agile steering  - navigate your way - twin bearing 

handle bars balance bike rotate


ergonomic grip

balance bike handle bar grip protection soft touch

 easy clean - soft touch - protective end 


max comfort

comfort saddle - easy adjust - grows with rider 

comfort saddle balance bike adjust height


puncture proof

Ultimate ride - premium bearings - super grip 

puncture proof tyres premium engineered bearings smooth ride


No tools needed

easy build - quick adjust - zero hassle 

easy assemble no tools needed balance bike
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